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I may as well post this on my blog...

Sarah Gets Stupid #1 from Sarah Walker on Vimeo.

Okay, explanation is I went out in the flood waters by my house yesterday. Yeah, its January and It's cold. Hence the reason this is so incredibly stupid.


Wakeboarding and a visit to the ER

Here's a some pictures and a video I made of our family on last weekend's wakeboard trip to Roosevelt Lake. Its a beautiful lake, and I've been wanting to wakboard all summer...I'm glad my brother Luke and his wife Camber invited us! It was me, Shane, my brother Chase, Luke, Camber and Mom. Mom is awesome, she got up on her single ski AND the wakeboard. We all took abuse on the tube...and we're all very sore for it. The day ended wit me getting hit in the head with my wakeboard and having to get 8 staples in my head. Here's a pic from the ER, yeah its gross, but people were asking why I didn't put it in the video...

October Wakeboarding from Sarah Walker on Vimeo.


Welcome little nephew, Silas River Wilson

I went to the hospital at 2am to capture this little guy's first moments, and made this video.Yes, he's all covered in goo, but there is nothing quite as wonderful as those first moments. Congratulations, to my Brother Chase, and to his beautiful wife Kaela. You will never forget the day you became parents for the first time...

Welome Silas River Wilson from Sarah Walker on Vimeo.


Girl's cabin trip!

Me, Kati, Shanon, Traci and Amy went on a fun overnighter to Shanon's family cabin!
What a beautiful cabin!! And as you can tell, we had waaaay too much fun. Here are a few of my favorites! 


I went snowboarding.

Shane calls me the "pink nightmare" in this suit. But I don't care, I think its hot.
Me and my brother Jake went snowboarding and banged ourselves up on the packed snow. 
A guy in the restaurant commented on my outfit...he simply said "nice colors." LOL

Herd of Tots

This photo says it all. A large herd of tots, yes I was watching Kati's brood, which in addition to mine created this lovely array of pint-sized cuteness. Look at Merrick and Allison in the middle...they were like "who the heck are you...?"


Daddy, I want to sleep by the tree

This is one of those moments that makes you love christmas. I came home tonight and Shane said "shhh...Madeline asked me if she could sleep by the tree, go look at her." It was so sweet. I simply could not take a simple snapshot of this, no this deserved the best I could do. There she was in the glow of the christmas tree, with her "duckie" and our kitty, Boogie. Do you remember being enchanted by the christmas tree? Sometimes I still am.


Thanksgiving Arizona Style

Here are some photos from Mom's house on Thanksgiving this year. A little turkey, a little tyryptophan, and of course some swimming...


Harvest Moon wedding

This weekend I did a wedding at Val Vista Lakes (Angela & Nick) where they had a fall theme. I was excited about this shot, because it is the first time I've ever captured the moon in a wedding photo. Normally, the moon is either too small, or too high up in the sky...not to mention, people don't normally want their photos taken in the dark. But for this one, I snuck them out of the reception for a few minutes and took them down by the lake while everyone else was dancing. I used my radio slave system and put a flash directly behind them (hence the glow). Turns out those few minutes produced my favorite photo of the entire day.


My 4 year old + permanent marker

Oh, we've been through this before. Kid gets magic marker, and disaster ensues. This time, however, I must say, Capri did a good job making all three of them into bare-chested, happy face superheros with their own logo! Lovely. Capri (the big chubby one on the right) has started a "happy face" phase where she draws happy faces everywhere. We have happy faces all over the house, in fact. One day she covered the entire upstairs loft and bedrooms with crayon happy faces. I still haven't found the time to re-paint. They all came to me rather happy today sporting their new chest logos! I had to laugh. Hilarious.


Like mother, like daughter

Here's a tribute to my mom...who instilled in me many wonderful things, including a love for fuzzy creatures! Here's a photo of me as a kid with Mom, and here's me and Capri with our kitty Boogie. Even the cats look the same!! I took this photo yesterday just for my mom!


This Weekend

Here's a few shots from last weekend's wedding(Amanda & Jake). It was a gorgeous, overcast day that produced such a beautiful and unique sky.


Awesome videos of the week!!!

These are INSANE! Dastardly cool! I'd do this if I could! I love the music in the first one, he's called "rollerman". He basically has wheels mounted all over his body. When you click on the second video, fast forward till about the two minute mark to see the cool part. The guys in the second video do an awesome job filming each other.



Thats what some people say when they see our new...er...old car. Its a Karmann Ghia! Some people have never seen one, since they stopped making them in 1974. Good ones without rust are hard to find. We got rid of the trusty old civic (sad to see it part after 8 years) and decided to go get something even older! Ha! Well let me tell you there's something very cool about vintage cars...they've got character, they're loud, (well this one is) and fun to drive. Ok so I get out smelling a little like exaust, but some men dig that right? We've been having fun working on the car together although its nearly completely restored. Just needed a few things here and there...and I absolutely will not drive a car with a crappy stereo. The new one really hits it...two ten inch subs in that tiny car get really loud. (the engine is so loud, the stereo has to be even louder.)

Now I just want a cool name for the car. How about betsy? Bono? Or just Ghia?



East coast weddings are a different breed! I went to Connecticuit this past week and did a wedding that was just beautiful. Its like a rainforest...so green! The party went till midnight, guests with ties around their heads and all. Thanks so much to Bruce and Michelle for the referral. and Rob and Heather were the sweetest couple ever. Rob is a police officer so his gang of groomsmen were hilarious! (I love Rob's face in this one. He looks terrified.)

Uber sticky kitty fuzz!

Ok, I've got to vent. Normally such a post calls for a photo...but I'm an idiot, I was too mad to take a photo. So, the story goes like this...We got a new kitty, (see me with a normal, fluffy cute kitty below, all seems well, right?). Well I should have known things can go wrong when you mix a 8 week old kitten with three kids under 4. I came downstairs one day, thinking "gee, I never made pankakes, what's that smell?" Well, to my horror, the kids had covered our living room carpet, chairs, and couch with maple syrup. The whole bottle. UGH!!! This was AFTER the recent armor-all, mayo, and lip-gloss incidents. Wait. It gets better. Then Capri comes around the corner beaming, holding her new kitty, who is now not a normal kitty....but super sticky maple kitty!! Poor cat was covered with maple syrup, staring at me like it was humiliated. This really would have been a great photo opportunity, but again, I was too...horrified. I whisked away the kitty, and wash him. Poor thing was already traumatized. Dang cat still smells like maple. The next day it would be the fish food....(might I add, fish food is much smellier than syrup?). I don't know how much more I, or the carpet can take!


Look! The Mother Ship!

Its coming! The mother ship! Here are Allison, Madeline, and Capri. Its about dang-dawg time I post some shots of my kids.


Ode to Chewy

What is that? That my friend, is a very large dwarf hamster named Chewy. Today's blog post is devoted to him, and the joy he brings, like all other fuzzy, plump creatures. By the way, in the photo, those are his little feet pressed up against the glass.


Life Cycle of the Cheerio

First we start with two tots. One hungry, one dead asleep. (note the unusual location of the sleeping tot.) Enter the cheerios. Hungry tot drops cheerios on dead tot. Dead tot just lays there. Then an unexpected thing happens...A third tot enters the scene. This tot, ever so clever, sees that no cheerio should go wasted, and proceeds to eat them off of the dead tot. Thus, the complete life cycle of the cheerio is complete.


Everyone needs bunny ears.

I have a strong opinion that everyone looks good in fuzzy, fluffy bunny ears. Humans, cats...inanimate objects. As you can see, over the years the bunny ears have popped up time and time again. I didn't realize how many shots I had with these things...


Weird Fishes

Here's my reef tank. The yellow guy's name is "nanners". Then we have "stupid 1" and "stupid 2", crunchie, lucifer, and well...the list goes on and on. I've had it up and running for about 3 years.


If you havent seen these...watch:

Of course, Jerry's ski wreck found here:(I'm in the background laughing)
The awesome grand central station people freeze:
The infamous dramatic squirrel, found here:
The subsequent dramatic Lemur, found here:
The techno kitties:(I want to hug them and kiss them and squeeze them and pet them)
The most evil cat in existence, "burger & fries":
The random "mall musical":

My favorite recent shots...

Ok so I'm dragging photo blog stuff over to my personal blog, I just love these recent shots we did. The wheat field shots are just stinkin rad. Chase drug Aunt susie's old antique chair out to
the wheat field (which made Aunt Susie nervous). Chase insisted he must have this chair! Note: the sunset behind is the REAL sunset, no photoshop done in these images. This is straight out of the camera. BTW...Chase is my youngest brother, and this is his lovely fiancee Kayla. The shots were done out by williamsfield airport off ellsworth & pecos. The wedding shot was done a few weeks ago at the mesa temple grounds.

Evil twins.

Jerry (my evil twin) and I goofing off after a shoot! This shot went up on the
site on our "about us" page. Jerry is like a wizard with his orb!
We've been working more with off-camera lighting and are part of a few local professional photographers groups. I think as different as we are, its great to have something that we share complete intrest in.


The fluffier the better.

What is THAT? I'll let you decide.